Summer School Classes

The Buttonwillow staff is excited to have started our Summer School Classes today. The sessions as outlined in the picture of the course offerings are all virtual.  The classes reach students in Preschool-7th Grade. Teachers are providing on-line classes in cooking, STEM, Reading, Math,and  games. These activities will allow us to reach out for the Social and Emotional aspect of our students who have been involved in distance learning for almost 3 months.

There are 110 students (about 35% of the students) signed up for the classes. Students were allowed to sign up for two sessions.

"The purpose of our summer school offering is to stay connected with our students and families," said Hiedi Witcher, the Assistant Superintendent/Principal. " We want our students to learn, try new activities, and have fun; while our teachers stay connected as well and experiment with different forms of instructional delivery.