Roady Top Roadrunner Signs

Watch as Roady delivers the first Top Roadrunner Award Yard Sign

Our students of the month going back to August will be notified through The Remind App if they were selected by their teacher for The Top Roadrunner Award for the Month. We will be sending out information shortly.

Thank you to the Buttonwillow Foundation for helping fund this program of getting yard signs out to our students who earned Top Roadrunner Awards. Three of the reasons a student may be  selected a Top Roadrunner are:

Engagement and Attendance online which means students are online and doing what they are supposed to each day. Students are expected to follow along and be on time to distance learning sessions, as well as moving forward be at school when they signed up to do so.

Improved Level of Work in which a student regardless of performance has been able to increase the quality of their work through participation, effort, and studying.

Grade Point Average which indicates that a student id doing well in their schoolwork.

Great job by those who have already been selected a Top Roadrunner. We wish the rest of you the best as we move into the coming months.

Thank you to Van Halen's song "Top of the World", which includes the lyrics:

"I know you believe in me, that's all I ever need
No no, nothin's gonna stop it
Nothin' will discourage me, oh, no"