Return to Class in 4th Quarter

Mandatory Return to Camps Survey for 4th Quarter Video

Listed above is a link to a video. It explains the mandatory survey for all families to fill out for each child. This link was sent out Monday on all forms of parent communication as well as on a flyer in lunches today. Our 4th Quarter will be different as all students are expected to be on campus unless they say no in the survey. However all parents must fill out the survey for each child so we know the exact numbers to build classes that start on April 6.

We have been successful this year in returning students to campus. We have had zero transmissions or outbreaks on the campus since October. By April 6th we will have 85% of all school staff fully vaccinated. We will also continue to provide weekly testing for all staff. 

We had 55% of our students on campus in the third quarter, and that was the height of the COVID rates. Our new normal returns now as we begin the 4th quarter. We want our students to receive academic support as well as the social and emotional support that is necessary by being around others in a safe environment.

Please take the time to view the video and ask the school any questions you have about returning. 

Right click on the links below to go to the survey