Welcome to Buttonwillow Schoo! We are proud of our rich traditions and our past school success as a school district since 1900. However, we are just as excited about the future of the school and the community we serve.

     Our students are able to enjoy small class sizes that average a total number of 23.25 students in Kindergarten through 8th Grade. This allows for small groups and more closely observed small group instruction in all of our classes.

     From a technology standpoint the school is completely wired to meet the needs of our students who may carry their computer from one location on campus to another. Each class in grades 1 through 8 providesa netbook for use in the classroom. Our kindergarten classes have one iPad for every three students. 

     Our students have a full Physical Education program in grades K-8, where each student receives physical education instruction for up to two hours per week. Our students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of athletic activities that are held throughout the year and in competition with three other schools that are part of our league. 

     Our students have the opportunity also to work in the science lab and the nutrition lab where academci disciplines are integrated and includes hands-on tasks. These opportunities promote inquiry and conmmunication among our students.Students are also able to particiapte in our marching band and performance band that travels to other locations in the county to perform. 

     This year we introduced AVID into our 6th through 8th grade classes and looking to make this a schoolwide program in the next few years. Our focus with the AVID program is to prepare students with better skills that will prepare them for both a college and a career. Our school focuses on high expectations and high levels of performance from our students.

     During the past few years we have developed a strong relationship with California State University Bakersfield. We currently are running two grants with CSUB. Grant One is the Kern Rural Teachers Grant. This provides a resident teacher for up to 8 classes. The resident teacher spends the year working in that classroom four days per week. They become a full member of the Buttonwillow Staff and are fully integrated in to the programs and opportunities that exist for our students. Grant Two is a Read and Ride Grant that measures physical fitness of our students in grades 5-8. This aspect of the grant utilizes FitBits and exercise bikes along with reading. Our bike lab is set up to provide students and teachers an opportunity to read and ride together. Reading performance is also tested and charted to determine student growth in reading as well as the physical fitness areas.

     We currently have two healthy grant initiatives that promote healthy eating habits. Three days a week our students are provided a fresh fruit or vegetable at the morning recess. This allows our students a chance to have a healthy snack each day at mid-morning. Our second healthy grant is for Smarter Lunchrooms. We provide a studt that determines food waste and aligns our cafeteria with better food choices. This grant also provides two nutritionists  at our school once a month to teach the students how to make a nutritional snack. These lessons are done in our newly remodeled Nutrition Lab.   

     With a student body of 375 students our school offers a great deal of opportunities for students to find interests and opportunities they like while receiving the educational opportunities that are usually found in larger school districts. We are proud of what our students are able to do and able to represent as they leave Buttonwillow School for larger high school opportunities.