Buttonwillow Sign

Buttonwillow Union School District would like to thank Chevron and the Kern Economic Development Foundation (KEDF) for the extremely generous donation of gas gift cards to our district. These gift cards will be distributed to our school’s families. Believe us when we say on a daily basis that we are One Town One School One Community. This donation shows that we have support of our community even outside of our school district boundaries.

As we begin to dispense the cards to our families we are going to look specifically at those farm laborers who have been considered essential employees through the COVID-19 Pandemic. They continue to work hard to make sure farm products are getting to the markets. We will also include those families that are involved in the oil industry with a primary focus of those that may have temporarily lost their jobs within the industry. We also want to focus on those families that have had their girls in the STEM Academy which has been run in conjunction with KEDF, and those families that have made an effort to connect with their child’s teacher while we have all been learning more about distance learning and connecting through technology.

"We recognize the value that all school districts play in educating our students and creating our future workforce, as is evident in our Annual Kern County STEMposium.," said Cheryl Scott, Executive Director of KEDF.    "We have had a unique opportunity to connect with the students of Buttonwillow throughout the past two years, thanks to our STEM mentoring program.  This allows us to continue to support the students' families in a meaningful way, even while our program is paused during the COVID-19 crisis."

We apprentice our partners and supporters of what every single staff member contributes to the school community," added Superintendent Stuart Packard. "These partnerships truly contribute to positive the positive results and relationships in Buttonwillow."

Once again, the entire Buttonwillow School Family says thank you to Chevron and the KEDF.