Yes, in the most unusual of school years our wonderful Miss Sturm @missturm pulled off putting together a yearbook.order forms were sent home and they are in the office. $20 cash is due tomorrow. #1townschoolcommunity
3 days ago, Stuart Packard
yearbook order form
A great big thanks to @Msgonzalez_2nd & @ClaraYanez2 for presenting #CountingCollections to our school board tonight. Thanks also to @kshahedpartners from @caedpartners for coming from Santa Monica to support our teachers. @meganlfranke @MGretona @csampsonmath @cynthiacoburn1
3 days ago, Stuart Packard
Jackie Clara CC
Megan CC
Richard CC
Board CC
Congratulations to the following Parent Survey Winners: Starbucks Gift Card Melissa Gracia Erika Torres Daniel Vigil Touchscreen Chromebook Marissa Navarro
6 days ago, Hiedi Witcher
Computer from MJP Technologies
Congratulations to the following Student Survey Winners: Starbucks Gift Card: Julia Barreto (3rd Grade) Miguel Quiles (6th Grade) Luis Alvarez (7th Grade) Touchscreen Chromebook Joanne Aguilar (8th Grade) Prizes can be claimed at the school office on Monday
6 days ago, Hiedi Witcher
Computer from MJP Technologies
Thank you to Congressman @RepDavidValadao for touring BW School. We shared how we opened our school & are utilizing funding to help students. He met students in our State Preschool. A great opportunity to share about funding for small & rural schools @SmallSchoolDA @nrea1
6 days ago, Stuart Packard
Valadao Garcia
Valadao 1
ROADY SAYS---WIN A COMPUTER BY COMPLETING THE SURVEY If you filled it out previously you have been entered. Roady Video--- English Survey--- Spanish Survey--- #1townschoolcommunity
11 days ago, Stuart Packard
Roady at Computer
We have three assemblies scheduled for the end of the year. All will be in our newly air conditioned gym with ionizers. They will begin at 6 PM. We will follow CDPH guidelines and adjust if we can. Two people per student in the grade level. There will be more details when we get closer. June 2-Preschool Spring Program June 3-TK-K Promotion (not graduation--no caps and gowns) June 10-8th Grade Graduation We currently can only do limited planning. Please make your child's learning a priority at the present time.
13 days ago, Stuart Packard
School Front
Brad Phelps, @AdmmomH, and @stuartpackard had the pleasure of playing with @rudysalasjr in the Buttonwillow Chamber of Agriculture & Commerce's Annual Honorary Mayor's Golf Tournament. Thank you Assemblymember Salas for supporting our town and our school. #1townschoolcommunity
19 days ago, Stuart Packard
BW Golf Tournament
Congratulations to all BW staff associated with our state preschool. We were notified that our program in year 1 of being reviewed by @CADeptEd received no findings and high praise for the program and staff. @caedpartners @rudysalasjr @RepDavidValadao @First5Kern @CAP_Kern
20 days ago, Stuart Packard
Safety in the COVID year. Our youngest S's eat in the cafeteria. The older S's may sit around the campus or at safe distances under the tent we have provided for protection from the sun. Good use of COVID funding. #1townschoolcommunity @repdavidvaladao @rudysalasjr @smallschooda
21 days ago, Stuart Packard
cafeteria tent
installing tent
BW is fortunate to have 3 wonderful Admin. Assistants who support our students, parents, & staff. A big thank you to Tierney Ballard, Lydia Rodriguez, and Magdalena Pola. They provide extra support for Mrs. Witcher and Mr. Packard in the office and create a band of merriment.
22 days ago, Stuart Packard
The Band
HVAC units were placed on the north & south sides of the gym. It was a giant game of Tetris watching the crane drop in 2 ton units. Utilizing state & federal COVID funding to improve air quality for all people in our gym. @SitelogIQ @rudysalasjr @RepDavidValadao @nrea1 @TimSSDA
23 days ago, Stuart Packard
on pad
over trees
over building
Wonderful things continue to happen around our campus as students have returned full time to class. @smallschoolda @caruraled @caedpartners @msgonzalez_2nd @clintonjparris1 @missdpayne2
23 days ago, Stuart Packard
work outside
Encuesta anual para padres: complete antes del 4/23 Necesitamos su opinión para ayudarnos a desarrollar las metas y acciones en las que nos centraremos durante los próximos 3 años. Al final de la encuesta, tendrá la oportunidad de ingresar su nombre y dirección de correo electrónico para un dibujo. Enlace de encuesta en inglés: Enlace de encuesta en español:
28 days ago, Hiedi Witcher
Annual Parent Survey-Please complete by 4/23 We need your input to help us develop the goals and actions we will be focusing on for the next 3 years. At the end of the survey you will have an opportunity to enter your Name and Email address for a drawing. English Survey Link: Spanish Survey Link:
28 days ago, Hiedi Witcher
Congratulations to Mrs. S Lopez's 8th grade classes for winning Achieve 3000 Read to Succeed Contest! Keep up the great reading Roadrunners! @Achieve3000 @teachlopez123
29 days ago, Hiedi Witcher
Read to Succeed Winner
Our school psychologist, @wgutierrez_ sits behind the wheel of a construction vehicle and she wants to help install the HVAC. Fortunately the keys were not in the ignition. She is working on building an awesome Special Ed Group. #1townschoolcommunity @smallschoolda
30 days ago, Stuart Packard
Wendy Truck Operator
We are proud of our 2 @caedpartners teams for taking a deep dive into our personal & school beliefs through a book study on grading. No one discusses or tells you how to do it, it just happens. We have an opportunity to share our views & experiences. @keyurshah @luiseargueta1
about 1 month ago, Stuart Packard
Grading book study
The Book
Preschool is back at it full time. 5 days a week and 3 hours per day. Bring on the "littles". They brighten up everyday. #1townschoolcommunity
about 1 month ago, Stuart Packard
Our construction projects are moving along. HVAC for the gym getting closer each day. Also, the installation to move our inbound internet system to 1GB started. #1townschoolcommunity
about 1 month ago, Stuart Packard
HVAC install
1gb install