Roady was saying goodbye to the students on the last day of school yesterday. Roady became an integral part of telling our story last year. He is used as a student award. @nrea1 @smallschoolda @kcsos @ACSARegion_11 @caedpartners
about 23 hours ago, Stuart Packard
Eaving goodbye to bus
saying goodbye
Congratulations to our 8th grade graduates. We wish them the best as they become part of the incoming freshman classes @General_Pride @FrontierTitans and Taft High School. @smallschoolda
1 day ago, Stuart Packard
2022 BW Graduates
Roady is remaining in Buttonwillow but that didn't stop him from sneaking into graduation pracrtice for our 8th graders. Check out his latest video. @smallschoolda
2 days ago, Stuart Packard
Roady at graduation practice
Little known to many people, Roady learned his dance moves as a young Roadrunner in BW. He shows his dance moves to Jiggle Jiggle. He is excited about the end of the year, but will miss the students. @smallschoolda @nrea1 @caedpartners
4 days ago, Stuart Packard
Roady does the JIggle Jiggle
Meet Fatima Mendez. We could not be more proud to have her back at BW. She graduated from BW's 8th grade 10 years ago. Did her student teaching this fall & will be teaching second grade next year. A new team member committed to the community. @smallschoolda @nrea1 @caedpartners
4 days ago, Stuart Packard
Fatima with students
Fatima Mendez
Congrats to our BW honored grads.They received their certificates & will receive their gold tassels before graduation on Thursday. TY @Teach_Turpin_24 @teachlopez123 & @clintonparrish1 for anecdotal words about each student. They each have a story. @caedpartners @smallschoolda
5 days ago, Stuart Packard
8th grade honor dinner
Thank you @JulieBoesch and the entire staff at Maple Elementary for hosting the Co-Ed Softball Tournament today. #bwrunners had a fun time. #1townschoolcommunity
8 days ago, Stuart Packard
coed Tournament 3
coed Tournament 2
Coed Tournament 1
Thank you BW Parent Club. You were awesome to sponsor this for our students today. #1townschoolcommunity @smallschoolda
9 days ago, Stuart Packard
Color Run 4
Color Run 3
Color Run 2
Color Run 1
A well done Kinder performance. thank you parents, students and staff. #1townschoolcommunity @smallschoolda
9 days ago, Stuart Packard
kinder 4
kinder 3
kinder 2
kinder 1
A busy day at Buttonwillow on Tuesday. Our 8th Graders were at Magic Mountain and our Preschoolers celebrated the end of the year with a performance. #1townschoolcommunity @smallschoolda
10 days ago, Stuart Packard
8th Grade at Magic Mountain
Preschool Program 3
Preschool Program 2
Preschool Program 1
Roady had a great time during Ag Day at BW. Check out his pictures and videos from yesterday. @smallschoolda @nrea1 Roady riding a tractor. Roady watching them bale hay.
17 days ago, Stuart Packard
Another tractor
checking out the John Deere
Driving old tractor
Roady met a three day old calf
It was Ag Day at BW. The local Tractor Club came out today. Our students were introduced to tractors and animals and reminded of the close to 180 years of farming history in the BW area. @smallschoolda @nrea1 @CARuralEd @RuralED @Rural_Schools @rudysalasjr @RepDavidValadao
18 days ago, Stuart Packard
with Roady
driving tractor
in a tractor
baking hay
Congratulations to Roberto A and Jeremiah B for their performance at the Valley Track Meet. Roberto placed 3rd in the triple jump and Jeremiah placed 7th in the long jump. We can’t wait to see what these two accomplish next year.
18 days ago, Hiedi Witcher
Athletes and coaches
Valley Championships
Expect the best, prepare for the worst. 30% of BW staff are trained in CPI---Nonviolent Crisis Intervention. Thanks @WGutierrez_ for continuing to provide excellent training for staff. @CPI_Training @smallschoolda @nrea1 Roady receives training
19 days ago, Stuart Packard
supportive stance 3
Steven chokes Roady
supportive stance 2
Supportive stance 1
A pleasure to have one of our partners on campus today. @Stemtaught is an amazing group & integral piece of our science edu. They brought virtual reality, coral bleaching & a black light adventure to our PS to 5th graders in an oceanography day. @SmallSchoolDA @nrea1 @CARuralEd
24 days ago, Stuart Packard
Coral bleaching
Virtual Reality
K with Whale
1st grade with Roady and Beth
@kcsos County Superintendent @kcsosbarlow presented @clarayanez2 with her award as one of Kern County's Teachers Of The Year. She was joined by school staff and her family. Congratulations from the entire Buttonwillow School community. #1townschoolcommunity @caedpartners
25 days ago, Stuart Packard
staff support
Clara Yanez Mary Barlow
we honor all of our Buttonwillow teachers this week during Teacher Ppreciation Week. However, 3rd Grade Teacher Mrs. Yanez was selected by her peers as Teacher of the Year. #1townschoolcommunity @smallschoolda @caedpartners
25 days ago, Stuart Packard
Mrs. Yanez and her class.
Teacher of the Year
Congratulations to Jeremiah B, 4th place in the county for long jump, and Roberto A., 2nd place in the county for triple jump. Both will represent BW next week in Clovis.
28 days ago, Hiedi Witcher
Long Jump
Triple jump
Roady honors our 8th grade long jumpers, Roberto Aguirre & Jeremiah Bush, who will be representing BW in the Kern County Track Meet tomorrow @ Liberty High School. #1townschoolcommunity @smallschoolda @nrea1 Checkout Roady's Long Jumping Skills
29 days ago, Stuart Packard
Roady and awards
Roady thought he could sneak on the bus with 7th & 8th graders. He wanted to go see the ocean & Morro Bay today with the students He lost his permission slip so he couldn't go. @kcsos @smallschoolda @nrea1 Checkout Roady on the Magic Bus
30 days ago, Stuart Packard
at the beach
Morro Rock
Roady on bus.