Our new heating and air conditioning is being installed on the gym. it should be good to go within a couple of months. @sitelogIQ_West #1townschoolcommunity
4 months ago, Stuart Packard
taking things down
framing pads
ac 1
We are pleased to announce that BW School has entered into an agreement with the School of Education at Northwestern University. For the next 2.5 years our Preschool-3rd grade teachers will be involved in research surrounding the coherence of math instruction in our PS-3 classes.
4 months ago, Stuart Packard
When things happen @adminmom & @stuartpackard fill needs.Today they made salads. Things learned: the Superintendent makes a huge mess with lettuce. The Asst. Superintendent can identify a bad cherry tomato, & it is not easy to pull two lunch wagons.#1townschoolcommunity @isabelv4
4 months ago, Stuart Packard
lunch carts
making a mess
making salads
Luz assisted Mr. Packard in introducing @casas_jimmy to the @SSDA Statewide Virtual Conference. Small and rural schools heard a great message. @julieboesch @caedpartners @nrea1@timtaylor
5 months ago, Stuart Packard
Luz intro
Please complete the 4th Quarter Return to Campus Survey. Survey will be open 3/8 through 3/12 at 3:00 pm. English: bit.ly/BWQ4E Spanish: bit.ly/BWQ4S
5 months ago, Hiedi Witcher
Buttonwillow Mask
@adminmom & @stuartpackard were out checking connectivity for new @tmobile hot spots. When you're in a rural school you sometimes end up in an almond orchard with pollinating bees & blooming trees, while visiting homes @nrea1 @smallschoolda @ruraledtech @caruraled @acsaregion_11
5 months ago, Stuart Packard
testing hotspots
Another wonderful story from Channel 23 was shown and highlighted Mr. Parrish from our Special Education Department. Mr. Parrish and two students shared what is great about being back in school. http://bit.ly/BWLearnerSupport @smallschoolda @nrea1 #1townschoolcommunity
5 months ago, Stuart Packard
Thank you Channel 23 for showing that Buttonwillow School has had its doors open to students since October. Many of our neighboring districts as well as small and rural schools throughout the state have been open since August. http://bit.ly/BWSchoolOpen @smallschoolda @nrea1
5 months ago, Stuart Packard
Wonderful to see preschool students working outside with letters and writing their names in chalk. #1townschoolcommunity
5 months ago, Stuart Packard
chalk names
We decided that the start of the third quarter is a great time to give every student who is on campus a BW Runners mask. #1townschoolcommunity @smallschoolda
6 months ago, Stuart Packard
bw mask
Our students are on campus, PS-8. MOT staff delivered water bottles to the classrooms. 50% of students on campus based on parent choice. @smallschoolda @caedpartners @nrea1 @CAgovernor @caruraled @timssda @potus @rudysalasjr @repdavidvaladao @senator_hurtado
6 months ago, Stuart Packard
6th grade
7th grade
delivering water bottled
Buttonwillow remains open the 3rd quarter with students on campus as they have since October. PS-8 four days per week with transportation provided. Great job BW staff, families, and school board. @rudysalasjr @bakersfieldcali @kgetnews @bakersfieldnow @23abcnews @smallschoolda
6 months ago, Stuart Packard
Mientras nos preparamos para comenzar el tercer trimestre, nuevamente les estamos dando a los padres la oportunidad de seleccionar si sus estudiantes participarán en el campus o en línea. (Esta opción es solo para estudiantes de TK-8vo grado. Los estudiantes con Sr. Parrish, Sra. Maldonado / Sra. Robinson y Preescolar permanecerán en su horario actual). Cualquier familia que no complete esta encuesta antes del viernes 15 de enero a las 5:00 pm permanecerá en el programa de educación a distancia hasta el 26 de marzo. Enlace de encuesta en inglés: https://bit.ly/BWQ3ReturnSurvey Enlace de encuesta en español: http://bit.ly/SpnQ3ReturnSurvey
6 months ago, Hiedi Witcher
As we prepare to begin the 3rd quarter, we are once again giving parents the opportunity to select if their students will participate on-campus or online. (This option is only for TK-8th grade students. Those students with Mr. Parrish, Mrs. Maldonado/Mrs. Robinson, and Preschool will remain on their current schedule.) . Any family that does not complete this survey by Friday, January 15th at 5:00 pm will remain on Distance Learning until March 26th. English Survey Link: https://bit.ly/BWQ3ReturnSurveyEng Spanish Survey Link: http://bit.ly/SpnQ3ReturnSurvey
6 months ago, Hiedi Witcher
Our first group of preschool students arrived on campus today. Safety was the number one priority. #1townschoolcommunity @smallschoolda @kcsos @nrea1 @rudysalasjr @senator_hurtado
6 months ago, Stuart Packard
whole group
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Lookout the 3 & 4 year olds are back. Starting Monday our preschoolers start on campus for the first time. The parents have been notified of start & end times as well as about food service. These classes will only have 8 students at most. #1townschoolcommunity @caedpartners
7 months ago, Stuart Packard
BW School
@Teach_Turpin_24 and @teachlopez123 along with BW students model the long sleeve T-Shirts that students who participated earned in our On-Line Winter Session. Thank you to @caedpartners for working with us to accelerate learning during unique times. @LuisEArgueta1 @AdmmomH
7 months ago, Stuart Packard
winter session shirt
Welcome Back Roadrunners! It was great to see you again after Winter Break. Thank you to the Buttonwillow community for helping to create a safe & healthy environment for our students. Like Gumby, thanks for great flexibility. @rudysalasjr @senator_hurtado @nrea1 @smallschoolda
7 months ago, Stuart Packard
Roady and Gumby
PRESCHOOL ONLY NO NEED to complete again. This form is for preschool students. Complete by 3:00 pm, Tuesday. If we do not get this form returned your child will be working from home until March 26, 2021. Survey--- https://bit.ly/Preschoolreturn
7 months ago, Stuart Packard
Welcome Back Roadrunners! Next week (Jan 4) we will resume our hybrid schedule for those that chose to return to campus for the 2nd quarter. (Monday, Group A, Thursday, Group B) Please help us plan for your students return by completing this survey by Sunday, January 3rd. http://bit.ly/BWReturn2
7 months ago, Hiedi Witcher