It's always a pleasure to have the folks from @StemTaught on the BW campus. They bring great enthusiasm for students and the thrill of learning science. Today we focused on ocean animals and their habitat. #1townschoolcommunity @MissDPayne2 @SmallSchoolDA @nrea1 @miroyscience
5 months ago, Stuart Packard
TK and Shale
class 1
virtual reality
TY @MissDPayne2 for discussing the challenges and the high points of our school. You have always been valuable to our school community. TY @CalMatters for recognizing the challenges that exist are not urban only issues. These issues are rural also
5 months ago, Stuart Packard
Congratulations to Mrs. O'Campo's Class. They won the coveted Best Weekly Attendance Trophy. This marks the second week in a row that the class earned the trophy. #1townschoolcommunity @smallschoolda
5 months ago, Stuart Packard
ocampo attend 2
Congratulations to Mrs. Chavez! @chavez_2nd was selected BW Teacher of the Year. She was 1 of 57 teachers in Kern County to receive the award. There are 9,000 teachers in Kern County @csubted #1townschoolcommunity @caedpartners @SmallSchoolDA @KCSOSBarlow #kerntoy2023
5 months ago, Stuart Packard
Mr chavez
with county Supt Barlow
staff supporters
Chavez class
Another great showing by the BW track team. These are the students moving onto the Valley Championships in Fresno next Saturday. 1. Jack Dennis- Long jump 2. Moises Aguilar- long jump, triple jump, 800 m 3. Joel Gallegos- triple jump #1townschoolcommunity #smallschoolda
5 months ago, Stuart Packard
track 1
track 2
track 3
TY @RepDavidValadao and @RepHuffman for meeting with representatives from Trinity Alps in Trinity County and @ButtonwillowUSD in Kern County. Your concern for SPED and rural schools was evident. @SmallSchoolDA @nrea1 @KCSOS @haileybranson @ACSARegion_11 @ACSA_info @EdgarZazueta
5 months ago, Stuart Packard
Our 8th Grade On Track Team was in Sacramento on Wednesday. This team finished 5 years of connections with districts around the state and focused our instructional strategies to prepare our students for success in high school. @General_Pride @caedpartners @SmallSchoolDA @nrea1
5 months ago, Stuart Packard
#Roadster made it to see House Peaker Kevin McCarthy's staff and into the USCapitol #1townschoolcommunity
5 months ago, Stuart Packard
Roadster 1
Roadster at capitol
Roadster in capitol
It's time for the annual Buttonwillow Parent Survey
5 months ago, Hiedi Witcher
Great performance the BW track team in Bakerdfield. Lots of medels and lot's of fun. The announcer stated that "Buttonwillow dominated the jumping events." @smallschoolda @nrea1 #1townschoolcommunity
5 months ago, Stuart Packard
team support
Busy day at Buttonwillow School: Egg Drop, Open House, and After School Programs Showcase.
5 months ago, Hiedi Witcher
all egg drop winners
Choir Performance
students watching egg drop
CRC Judges
Clay Parrish dropping eggs
design winners
design winners
design winners
design winners
BW 8th graders visited @UCLA today. They were given a tour and had a special opportunity to visit one of our graduates who is attending UCLA. Great to see our current students with a former Roadrunner. @SmallSchoolDA @nrea1 @KCSOS @AVID4College #bw2college #1townschoolcommunity
5 months ago, Stuart Packard
In a desire to find the best method to continually improve parent, district, staff, and community communication, members of the BW staff met to decide the most important attributes. Parent, staff and district input was recorded. @smallschoolda #1townschoolcommunity
5 months ago, Stuart Packard
communication 1
communication 2
A wonderful night in BW. Sixth and seventh grade students, along with parents learned about what is expected @ Camp KEEP. Students head to the Central Coast in about 4 weeks. #1townschoolcommunity @kcsos @SmallSchoolDA
6 months ago, Stuart Packard
parents and students
Great night to have our 8th graders & their parents on campus to hear about registration options for Shafter HS. Prepping for registration! Former students returned to BW to share about @General_Pride. Sudents won Shafter gear. @caedpartners @AdmmomH @ClaraYanez2 @Missturm #8OT
6 months ago, Stuart Packard
Gear Winners
Staff and HS students
Traditional Staff vs. 8th Grade basketball game. This year featured the staff wearing t-shirts from the men's and women's brackets. Classroom doors were decorated as well. Schools were researched. #1townschoolcommunity @avid4college @smallschoolda @nrea1 @MarchMadnessMBB
6 months ago, Stuart Packard
Witcher parrish
3 pointer
We are very proud of our relationship with @UCSF and the work we are doing in a pilot study to determine proper assessments and interventions for our young students. #1townschoolcommunity @SmallSchoolDA @CAgovernor @TonyThurmond @acsa_info @ACSARegion_11 @CalSPRA @BobWise48
6 months ago, Stuart Packard
Great reward trip for our TK-8th graders as they visited CALM today. A day at the living museum observing animals. #1townschoolcommunity @smallschoolda @kcsos
6 months ago, Stuart Packard
calm 1
calm 2
calm 3
calm 4
Staff and families working together to determine priorities for our school. LCAP Taco Night was a success. Parents shared their thoughts and then staff provided dinner by prepping, cooking, and serving our families. #onetownschoolcommunity @smallschoolda @nrea1 @acsa_info
6 months ago, Stuart Packard
Stu and steve
food line
food line 2
TY Christine Roberts from @caedpartners. We appreciate the work that your team members from @UCLA , @VanderbiltU , and @NorthwesternU are doing in working with our PS-3 teachers on math strategies. #Roadster @smallschoolda @nrea1 @meganlfranke @csampsonmath @kcsos #bethebeanie
7 months ago, Stuart Packard